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Note - Most recent brags are on top!

Date Brag
Jan 2019

Congratulations to the following Andiron Dalmatians who earned new titles in 2018!


Andiron's Lucky Strike (Rusty)
Novice Fast (NF)
Open Standard (OA)
Open Jumpers (OAJ)
Open Fast (OF)
Dalmatian Club of America Top 10 - #6 in Open Jumpers
Dalmatian Club of America Top 10 - #9 in Open Standard

Andiron's Web Spinner (Spider)
Master Jumpers Century (MJC) for 100 Q's in Master Jumpers

Andiron's American Beauty (Rose)
 AKC Champion (CH)
Coursing Ability Adavanced (CAA)
Agility Course Test (ACT1)


Jan 2018

Dalmatian Club of America Top 10
Andiron's Lucky Strike (Rusty) NA NAJ
4th in Novice JWW
Dalmatian Club of America Top 10
CH Andiron's Easy Money (Money) AX AXJ OF CAA
2nd in Excellent STD
8th in Open STD
3rd in Excellent JWW

Aug 2017
What has Pat and her dogs been up to this year?
Spider - new Novice Trick Dog (TKN) and Intermediate Trick Dog (TKI)
Money - new agility titles - OA OAJ OF, AX AXJ
Rose - new Champion (CH) and a new CA title
Copper - XF
AND- we have a new litter of 8, 4 boys and 4 girls, both colors, 2 patched girls.

Whew! Try to keep up!

Jan 2017

Congratulations to the following Andiron Dalmatians who earned new agility titles in 2016

- Andiron's Lucky Strike (Rusty) - new NA
- Andiron's Copper Penny (Copper) RN AX AXJ OF, New AX
- Andiron's Easy Money (Money) NA NAJ NF CA, earned all of those titles last year
- Andiron's Web Spinner (Spider), dam of Copper and Money, earned MJS, MJG, MG, and MACH - plus Spider earned a trip to the AKC Agility Invitational - sponsored by Eukanuba, where we got 3 Q's.

Quite a good year!


Aug 2016

Congratulations to New AKC Champion (CH) Brady (CH Andiron's Knock on Wood) who earned that title at the Canfield, OH shows.

Jan 2016

Congratulations to Pat and Money (Ch Andiron's Easy Money) was BOB, G2 and OH G2. They looked great!


Jan 2016

Spider, MACH Andiron's Web Spinner RA MXS MXJS OF - New AKC Master Agility Champion! Congratulations Pat and Spider!

July 2015 thru Dec 2015
Copper, Andiron's Copper Penny RN OA AXJ OF earned both Novice and Open FAST titles.

Spider (Andiron's Web Spinner RA MXS MXJS) earned her Masters Jumpers Bronze and her Masters Excellent Silver.

For AKC Invitationals in December, where they invite the top 5, Spider finished number 7. For the calendar year 2015, Spider finished number 6. Whew!! What an exciting year!
June 2015
My Copper girl finished her Open Fast title, the same day that her dam, Spider, earned DQ #29! As of June 9, Spider was in the top five Dals for the AKC invitational in December. Final counts will come out after June 30, the deadline for the year. How exciting! I am pretty sure I will go to Florida - for the Invitational - in December 2015!!

Oct 2014

Last weekend, my Spider girl finished her MXJ!! She is on a roll, with 9 Q's in a row!
Sept 2014
I took Spider to Hamburg ABOTC agility trial. She ran in Open Fast first, she Q'd and won first place! That finishes her Open Fast (OF) title! Then, she ran in Masters Standard and Q'd and won second place! Then, she ran in Masters Jumpers and Q'd for a triple Q!! QQQ - Good girl Spider!
June 2014
Andiron's Easy Money (Money) earned an AWARD OF MERIT (AOM) at the Greater Pittsburgh Specialty! How exciting!
Jan 2014
Copper, Andiron's Copper Penny RN OA AXJ has placed in the top ten in each of her agility classes- Novice standard, Novice Jumpers, Open standard and Open Jumpers for 2013!
April thru December
of 2013

We had a good year in 2013! Copper, Andiron's Copper Penny RN OA OAJ earned 4 agility titles, her Novice and Open titles.

So far this year, Spider finished her MX and Copper finished her AXJ.

Mar 2013

I got a letter from Holly Waldrop of the Dalmatian Club of America, saying that Wink is in the Top 10 Dalmatians for 2012 in the Exc A Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) class! I will probably place an ad for that one!

My little Copper has earned her Novice Agility (NA), and 2 legs on her Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ), for a third generation agility titled Dalmatian of my breeding.

Jan 2013
Andiron's Copper Penny RN NA has an invitation to the AKC National Rally/obedience championships, in March 2013 in Kansas. She earned that by averaging 96 as scores for her RN!

Dec 2012

Wink earns her AKC Championship with a 3 point major at Cleveland! Also, New AKC Champion: Andiron's Easy Money; New Rally Novice (RN): Andiron's Copper Penny (his litter sister). 
Nov 2012
Wink earns her RE (Rally Excellent Title)!

May 2012
Look what we did over Memorial Day Weekend at the Lawrence County shows!



ANDIRON'S EASY MONEY (Money) was WD/BOW for 2 points.

ANDIRON'S EASY MONEY (Money) was WD/BOW for 1 point.

ANDIRON'S EASY MONEY (Money) was WD/BOW for 1 point.

Apr 2012
Wink, Andiron's Quick as a Wink earned her Novice Fast agility (NF) new title!
Mar 2012
Wink, Andiron's Quick as a Wink earned her Excellent Agility (AX) title!
Jan 2012 I just wanted to sum up the year for Andiron on the plus side, we earned 5 new titles and many championship points here is the summary:
Spider, Andiron's Web Spinner RA AX AXJ NF new titles are AX and AXJ, class placement at DCA

Wink, Andiron's Quick as a Wink RA OA OAJ new titles: RA OA OAJ, including class placements at DCA, to finish her Open Titles Wink also earned a major in the breed ring, plus a Best of Breed over Specials

Money, Andiron's Easy Money He earned his first 4 points, including a major, before he was one year of age

On the sad side, we lost Venus and Bear.

Venus was 15, Andiron's Evening Star NA NAJ NJP

Bear- what can I say about the best dog on the planet? Ch. Andiron's Crystal Clear RA OA NAJ OAP MJP. Age 13 1/2, he lives on through his daughters, Wink and Spider, and grandson, Money. I hope that 2012 brings us more joy and fun with my dogs, both at home and at the shows.


Dec 2011
Spider earns her AX and AXJ titles!
Sept 2011
Wink wins Best of Breed (BOB) at Butler Kennel Club show. What a thrill to beat 9 other dogs entered!
Summer 2011
Wink earned her RA with 3 first places and she also won a major!

May 2011

We had a great Nationals, didn't we? The GPDC had a great representation in the performance events, and the results were spectacular!! We are a diverse group, with dogs who can do it all!!

The results were as follows:
Wink- Open Jumpers, 20" first place, the only qualifier in the class
Wink- Open Standard, 20" second place
Both of these Qs gave her 2 new titles!! yahoo!

Move over Spider, cause Wink is pushing you! Spider earned a leg in Excellent Standard, and second place, which is her first leg on her MX. We are having fun!!

April 2011

Here is a Sandusky Register newspaper article on therapy dogs Chance and Grace - littermates to Wink (from Coco and Bear). Chance and Grace are members of the Paws Up therapy dog program in Ohio. Click here to enjoy the article!

March 2011

We had a great weekend in agility! Spider earned her first leg in Excellent Jumpers, and Wink was a star - She earned her second leg in both Open Jumpers and Open Standard for a DQ!

Nov 2010

Wink did it! She is now: Andiron's Quick as a Wink RN NA NAJ new NA!! that makes 32 agility titles for Andiron, but who's counting?
Nov 2010
WE HAD A SUPER TRIAL TODAY!!!!! Wink had a Double Q and new title - - NAJ my 3rd generation to title!!!!!!!
Sept 2010
We have pups!!! Spider was bred to Ch. McDottie Pass Shoot Score- a lovely liver dog, who finished with 3 majors, and there are 9! We have 2 black girls, and 3 liver girls We have 1 black boy and 3 liver boys and NO PATCHES!!

To see pictures of the new puppies CLICK HERE.

Inquiries Welcome - please email me at

Also in the news: Wink- Andiron's Quick as a Wink - is a new Rally Novice (RN) title! 

Feb 2010
Guess what my wonderful Spider girl has done? She now has Novice Fast and Open Jumpers after her name!!! She is very wonderful!!!!!!!!! One more leg in Open Standard, and it's on to Excellent!!

Jan 2010
Spider has earned her Novice Fast title

Nov 2009

My Mable did it! She is now, Andiron's Heavenly Treasure RN NA NAJ NJP New Novice Jumpers title, today, at the Clarion Canine Obedience Club trial in Edinboro It only took 6 years to earn her novice titles!!!! When they become afraid of the teeter, it can take a VERY long time to get over it!!
Sept 2009
Spider did it! She completed her Novice Standard title today, at the Shiba Inu trial in Edinboro! with a perfect score, she won first place! Onward and upward to open!

Aug 2009

We had a great weekend again!@ At the Admiral Perry Obedience TC, we showed Bear in Rally Advanced A He qualified on both days, to finish his title!! Whew!! He told me that he wants to be retired from all performance venues, now, so, he is! Click here to read more on Bear.
June 2009
We've had a busy June! This weekend, at the Erie Kennel Clubs agility trial, my Spider, aka Andiron's Web Spinner, had two qualifying runs in Novice Jumpers with weaves, to finish her title!!! We are so proud of her, she had all 3 qualifying runs in a row! Now, on to open jumpers and novice standard. Click here to read more on Spider.
June 2009
Last Sunday, June 14, I went to the Olean KC show, in  Stockton,NY with the Winkster (Andiron's Quick as a Wink), she was Winners Bitch for her first point!!! She had fun in the ring, and she looked good, too!
June 2009
Mable did it today!! At Western Lakes Training Club of Buffalo, she had a clean run in Novice Standard, to finish her title!! YIPPEEE!!!! and, second place! so, we now have, Andiron's Heavenly Treasure RN NA NJP

Spider went to her first agility trial today, and she qualified in Novice Jumpers!!!! and first place!

May 2009
Last weekend, Mable- Andiron's Heavenly Treasure RN NJP, got her act together, and, tadaaaa . . . . QUALIFIED in Novice Standard, both days! This was the Hamburg AllBreed Obedience Club trial, May 2 and 3. She won first place, both days!!
Oct 2008
Bear did it!! His new title is: Masters Jumpers Preferred!! Wow!! He is now officially retired from the agility ring, and his daughters can take over now! He will be competing in the rally ring, as he has one leg on his RA.. Next year!
Sept 2008
Spider earned her Rally Novice title, with an average of 92, with a class placement at an all breed trial!
Feb 2008
Olean Kennel Club Agility Trial - Bear- Ch. Andiron's Crystal Clear RN OA NAJ OAP AJP - now has leg number 9 on that elusive MXJP! Clean run, and second place, Excellent Jumpers, B Preferred! We are getting so close . . . . . Maybe the next one will be it!
Dec 2007
Today, my sweet Venus finished her Novice Jumpers Preferred agility  title! She is: Andiron's Evening Star NA NAJ NJP, sired by Ch. K-Max Law and Order 
out of Ch. Andiron's Catch the Spirit.  She is also, 11 years young!   There was not a happier dog in the building today, nor, a happier  owner/handler!  She is officially retired, so that her  daughters can be stars, and she has earned it! 
Oct 2007 October 21, at the Erie Kennel Club trial, Bear earned another leg on that elusive MXJP! I do believe this is leg number 8 and, yes, first place! Go Bear!
Sept 2007
September 22, Butler County Kennel Club, Coco won Best of Breed and on Sept 23, Erie Kennel Club, Coco won Best of Opposite
Sept 2007
My sweetie Bear, finished his RN title, at Western Lakes KC in NY. His average score was 94, which surprised me greatly, considering the small amount of training we did! He had an 89, 97 and 96, with a third place, and a fourth place in the class. then, totally unprepared, I moved him up to RA, and he really surprised me by qualifying there, as we were not ready, at all.
Aug 2007
At Western Reserve Specialty on Sat. Aug 11, 2007, my old  boy - Hoover- (Ch. Andiron's Clean As A Whistle) won the veteran dog class, with an entry of 3, including his son, Hawk.  Hoover was whelped on April 5, 1996- yep- 11 years young, and happy, and lookin' good! He was especially proud of his beautiful liver granddaughter, Coco (Ch. Andiron's Clear As A Bell RA NA OAJ) who won Best of Opposite Sex!
July 2007
Coco earns her Open Jumpers title (OAJ), her novice Standard (NA) title, AND a qualifying leg in the Novice FAST class at the Tamarack Lake Agility Trials! Whew - Pat's exhausted from running that agility course!
May 2007
Coco finishes her conformation championship at Butler County Kennel Club with a major! Woo hoo!

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